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Angel Energy

What Is Angel Energy And Can It Help Me?

Everyone has a guardian angel, without exception. When you were born you were
accompanied into this life by guardians or protectors. When it is your turn to return home
it is their job to accompany you. This angels love for you is unconditional and greater
than anything in the universe.

Angels are beings of light who respond to our calls for guidance, assistance, protection and comfort. Because of the law of Free Will angels cannot intervene in our lives unless we ask them to do so. Angels receive great joy from helping us and all that they ask in return is that we remember to say Thank You.

Most people confuse angels with spirit guides. A spirit guide is usually someone who has passed over, a deceased member of our family like a grandparent, partner or close friend who stays with us to offer support, guidance and comfort. My spirit guide is my grandmother who loves being in spirit. She watches over me closely, she guides, supports and assists me with healing.

What Happens When Receiving A Treatment?

You are lying fully clothed on a treatment table. The Angel Therapist calls upon her own angels, spirit guides, your angels, spirit guides and anyone else willing to help with the healing required. The angel therapist will be guided to the source of the problem by the angels and she will then concentrate healing in the area required. There are various angels associated with various problems for which the therapist can call upon for assistance and guidance during the healing session.